1897 salesman sample cigar label - flowers #1

$30.00 CAD

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Roses and elaborately illustrated frame. Nice vibrant colors.

At bottom:

©1897 GEO. SCHMITT & CO., INC., BROOKLYN N.Y.      7547

Embossed into paper.

Some slight crinkles in the paper. Light yellowing around edges.

6-1/4” x 10" 


In 1874 at the age of twenty-three, German immigrant, George Schmitt, began his namesake company as a stone lithographer in Brooklyn, New York. The art of stone lithography required the imagination of an artist and the technique of a craftsman— traits perfected by the young George Schmitt. Fueled by enthusiasm and talent, the company quickly expanded by reinvesting in the latest printing method of the era, leading to their first printing award at the 1892 Chicago World’s Fair. Critics of the time described Schmitt's products as “Specimens that will vie with the masterpieces of our most famous artists of the brush”.


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