1946 press photo mining stock price board girl Noranda Quebec

$55.00 CAD

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QUEBEC -  Twelve years ago s lone prospector penetrated the ‘unexplored’ of Western Quebec and made a strike. The town of Val D’Or was born. Last spring geophysicist, with the aid of electrical radiation and radar instruments, discovered rich ore bodies of gold, silver, copper and zinc. Now Val D’Or with five producing mines and twelve more bing born, is bulging with humanity, including war veterans from the U.S., all bent on finding and recovering the precious metals. Property is worth $25,000 per city lot – with no one willing to sell. Original row of prospectors’ log cabins have been replaced by modern stores and street lines are being stretched in all directions.

785238 ……New York Bureau

At nearby Noranda, home of one of the continent’s richest copper mines, market activity keeps the board girl moving. Most of the stocks in new developments sell from 20 to 50 cents but fluctuate rapidly. When rich diamond drill cores are pulled stocks rocket; when the showing is poor grade ore, they flop.

CREDIT LINE (ACMC) 1-26-46  (SA)

BU #1A FOR-80

Stamped ‘REF DEPT. 2_1 ’46 N.E.A.' 

Stocks on board include: Rhyolite, Starlight, Sepha, Thornhill, Tonawanda, Heyson, Malbec, Middlebay, Thurbois, Mylake...

Paper on back yellowed. Photo bit rippled due to glued on paper

20.25 x 15.5 cm //  8 x 6-1/8”


Noranda was incorporated in 1922 as Noranda Mines under the leadership of James Y. Murdoch to exploit the Horne deposit, discovered by Edmund Henry Horne (E.H.Horne) on mineral claims he staked in 1920. Extraction of copper began on 17 December 1927. Although extraction was originally predicted to last for only three years, additional reserves (the gigantic "Giant H Orebody") were quickly discovered; the mine would form the backbone of Noranda's operations until reserves were exhausted in 1976.

Val D’Or

Gold was discovered in the area in 1923. The name of the town is French for "Valley of Gold." While gold is still mined in the area today, base metals, such as copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), and lead (Pb) have become increasingly important resources.


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