1885 photo Tsar ALEXANDRE III Russie Impérial

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Écrit sur le dos: “Empereur Alexandre III 1881-1894”.

Photo sur papier épais.

9,25 x 6,50cm.

Alexandre III de Russie (Alexandre Alexandrovitch Romanov), né le 10 mars (26 février) 1845 et mort le 1er novembre (20 octobre) 1894, est l'avant-dernier empereur à régner sur l'Empire russe. Son règne dure du 14 mars (2 mars) 1881 jusqu'à sa mort.


Alexander III or Alexander Alexandrovich Romanov (10 March 1845 – 1 November 1894) was the Emperor of Russia, King of Poland, and Grand Prince of Finland from 13 March  [O.S. 1 March] 1881 until his death on 1 November [O.S. 20 October] 1894. He was highly conservative and reversed some of the liberal reforms of his father, Alexander II. During Alexander's reign Russia fought no major wars, for which he was styled "The Peacemaker".


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