1884 Montreal stereoscopic photo ice castle in Dominion Square

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Nice stereoscopic photos view of a huge ice castle located in Dominion Square Montreal, built during Winter Carnival of 1884.

Published by ‘C. Bierstadt Niagara Falls N.Y.  Manufacturers of Stereoscopic Views'

Labeled at bottom of one photo ‘1464 ICE PALACE MONTREAL, FEB. 4, 1884

Text on back and stamp ‘F.J. SPRUIJT’.


The ice palace, built in Dominion Square for the winter carnival, attracted many Montrealers and tourists, especially on the last night of the festivities.

That evening, at about eight o'clock, hundreds of snowshoers surrounded the palace. Inside, a troop prepared to defend it. On a signal, the snowshoers, armed with fireworks, advanced on the ice palace. For an hour, the spectacle of the simulated attack continued under a hail of fireworks, much to the delight of the onlookers. Once the snowshoers finally entered the palace, they regrouped and began a torch-lit march to the summit of Mount Royal.

The winter carnival was an occasion for many of the city's sports clubs to engage in a variety of competitions: toboggan races, snowshoe obstacle courses, lacrosse on skates, and other games were featured during several days of fun.

  • To make the ice palace even more spectacular, it was wired with electric lights and fireworks were set off.
  • Many of the tourists at the carnival were from the United States; more than 50,000 American visitors came to take part in the festivities each year.
  • The Montreal winter carnival was held every year from 1883 to 1889.
  • The winter carnival was the idea of the Montreal Snowshoe Club, a group of people who enjoyed outings and competitions.



Charles Bierstadt (1819–1903) was an American photographer who specialized in stereoscopic views.

At fifteen years of age he began his apprenticeship at cabinetmaking and during his six years of service he spent some time in the study of photography, in which, in 1856, he and his other brother Edward made numerous trials and experiments which proved successful, and then they established themselves in business as photographers. In 1863 Bierstadt removed his business to Niagara Falls, New York where he carried it on with great success. He was an expert in stereoscopic views and had in connection with his manufactory a large bazaar where his views and many relics and curios were displayed to advantage While in Europe, he won the highest award at the 1873 Vienna World's Fair for his stereoviews of Niagara Falls.


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