Harper’s Weekly newspaper - July 10th 1858 

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Vol. II – No. 80]    New York, Saturday, July 10, 1858    [Price Five Cents

‘A Journal of Civilization’ that gives a nice snapshot of the times. Packed with images.

Great images!

Front page image: “James Gordon Bennett, Esq. – [Photographed by Brady]”.

Table of Contents:

  1. James Gordon Bennett, Esq. with a portrait
  2. Editorials
  3. The Lounger
  4. Travel Notes in Bible Lands, with two illustrations
  5. Prairie Fancies, with three illustrations
  6. Literary
  7. Domestic Intelligence
  8. Foreign News
  9. On the road and by the beach, with two splendid illustrations
  10. What happened the other day in our village
  11. Jamrach’s College for Young Beasts
  12. Common Sense
  13. Paul Drayton’s Charm
  14. How Good Girls are rewarded in France, with a beautiful illustration
  15. Miscellany
  16. Things Wise and Otherwise
  17. Market and Financial Reports
  18. Comicalities

Inside images:

  • An Eastern Letter-writer (small, signed Richardson CCX)
  • Modern Thyatira (½ page)
  • A Prairie Hunter of the Olden Time (small)
  • A Prairie Hunter of the Recent Time (small)
  • Prairie Wolves at Work (½ page)
  • On the Road (full page, signed A. Hoppin)
  • On the Beach (full page, signed A. Hoppin)
  • The Ceremony of growing a rosiere in a French Village (full page)

Back pages has four small cartoons telling a story of a Frenchman:

  • ‘Mons. Jean Chapeau, having newly arrived in this country…’
  • ‘Ven I vas tol to get out of ze way…’
  • 'Yes, I recover mine self an vas not killed… '
  • 'I was ver much astonished…’

Advertising: Harper’s Magazine, Hungary Water, Sands’ Sasparilla, Queru’s Cold Liver Oil Jelly, Wheeler and Wilson’s Sewing Machines, etc..

Paper bit distressed at left where bound in volume. No binding: front and back pages detached, inside pages are two wide and detached.

Light toning top and right edges. Light horizontal fold, some light creasing LR corner. Couple tiny tears. Water stain right side part of pages.

16 pages (#433-448).

16 ⅜” x 11 ⅜”

(Ships in large cardboard envelope)

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