1852 Annual Report Massachusetts State Prison

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Interesting pre-Civil War pamphlet packed with all sorts of information about the convicts, costs, statistics, and general operation of the prison.

ANNUAL REPORTS of the Board of Inspectors and Officers of the MASSACHUSETTS STATE PRISON, September 30, 1852.
Printed by White & Potter, Printers to the State 1853.


Multiple reports bound together:

  • Board of Inspectors (James G. Fuller, John Gardner, Robert Cowdin)
    • “…the number of solitary cells in the old and new prison is 554…”
    • “…The crowded state of the workshops in which the convicts labor, has long been felt to be a great evil;…”
  • Warden’s Report (Stephen Whitmore Jr.)
    • Crimes of those in the Prison: Adultery 3, Assault and highway robbery 2…
    • Life sentences on September 30, 1852: 21
  • Chaplain’s Report (Henry E. Hempstead)
    • “…It is with great pleasure we can speak, in our present report, of increased facilities for the moral and religious instruction of the prisoners..”
  • Physician’s Report (Jonathan W. Bemis)
    • “…Since October, 1851, there have been four deaths only in the prison…George Wilson, a native of Massachusetts, dies of typhus fever, aged 20 years. He had very profuse hemorrhage soon after his attack of fever…”

36 pages + covers

Covers are thin paper and delicate, missing some bits.

9 ⅜” x 5 ¾”

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