WW2 Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Pocket Manual


Seamanship Pocket manual
           (N.S. 815-9-2440)
        50M-5-43 (9966)
              K. P. 81459
  • Instructions to new entries
  • Rank badges - Navy - Army - Air Force
  • General Ship organization
  • Ship time
  • Lead and line
  • Deep-sea sounding
  • Bends and Hitches
  • Compass
  • Rules of the Road
  • Boats
  • Anchors
  • Signals
  • Naval slang
  • .....

44 pages

8 x 12.5 cm

The RCNVR became the backbone of the Canadian Navy, recruiting officers and sailors for the Navy. The usefulness of the RCNVR was demonstrated in 1939, at the onset of the Second World War, when the RCNVR was used to recruit and build the navy. By the end of the war, Canada had the third largest navy in the world, with a complement of nearly 100,000. Most of these men and women were members of the RCNVR.


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