WW2 food voucher for victim of infamous Croatian concentration camp 1942

Prisoner's voucher for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, month of September 1942  

UPRAVITELJSTVO SABIRNOG LOGORA (Administrators concentration camp)
                      Stara Gradiška
ime i prezime: (name and surname:)  Za zatočenika: broj (For detainees: No)  224 
Radišić Jovan
doručak (breakfast)
objed (meal)
večera (dinner)
Mjesec (month) Rujan (September)  godina (year) 1942



Stained (see photos).

15 X 6.5 cm.


In the records of victims of the Jasenovac camps, there is listed a woman with a similar name:


Father name:  NIKOLA

Year of birth:   1931*

Place of birth: NOVSKA (town in the Sisak-Moslavina County of Croatia)

County of birth: NOVSKA

Nationality:  SRPKINJA  (a female Serb)

Manner of death:  UBIJENA* (murdered)

Died:    OD USTAŠA (from USTAŠA)

Year of death:  1944

Place of death:  U LOGORU (in the camp)

Concentration camp: JASENOVAC

Execution site:            -



Stara Gradiška was one of the most notorious concentration and extermination camps in Croatia during World War II, mainly due to the crimes committed there against women and children. The camp was specially constructed for women and children of Serb, Jew, and Romani ethnicity. It was established by the Ustaše (Ustasha) regime of the Independent State of Croatia ("NDH") in 1941 at the Stara Gradiška prison near the village of Stara Gradiška. as the fifth subcamp of the Jasenovac concentration camp

According to the list of victims by name of KCL Jasenovac, the Jasenovac memorial site, which includes research as of 2007, the names and data for 12,790 victims of the camp have been established.