WW2 Canadian brochure of speech 'The Jews in Europe' 1943

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Broadcast speech by Watson Thomson, Director of Adult Education, University of Manitoba. Over Canadian Broadcasting Network on Easter Sunday 1943.

Passionate plea to take action. Ends with this:

God send us the grace so to do. We must act now, or face the awful accusation of these lines of verse written by a Jewish woman to a Christian friend:
There is something between us now:The cry you did not raise.
You have washed your hands again. Put down the pitcher, This water will flow between us.
Give me back Jesus; He is my brother. He will walk with me. Behind the gray ghetto wall Into the slaughter-house. I will lead him into the lethal chamber; He will lie down upon the poisoned stone; The little children pricked with the death-bubble Will come onto him.
Return to him the yellow badge. Give me back Jesus; He is not yours.


6 pages

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