WW2 British Movie handbill - Convoy (1940)

Two sided British handbill for movie Convoy 'A gripping tale of High Courage and Adventure'.

Starring Clive Brook and John Clements with Edward Chapman and Judy Campbell.

Nice navy graphic on colour side.

'Hats Off to the NAVY'

Says 'It Is Not a Propaganda Film' on colour side (see review below!)

Chip out of right side, small tear, slight stains, slight fold UL corner.

17 x 12.5 cm 


Convoy is a 1940 British war film directed by Pen Tennyson and starring Clive Brook, John Clements and Edward Chapman. It was made by Ealing Studios. It was Tennyson's last film before being killed in a plane crash.

A Royal Navy cruiser returns to base to find all leave has been cancelled and they are to start out straight away for a special mission. They are sent to meet a convoy and escort them safely into English coastal waters. One stubborn merchant ship captain refuses to join the convoy and is attacked by a U-boat which sets a trap for the convoy and its escorts.

The New York Times wrote, "if the film fails in its frankly propagandistic mission it is because of spurious craftsmanship and because it is a little too self-consciously heroic. British seamen deserve a document more honest than this...The authenticity of some actual shots at sea he (Michael Balcon) has compromised by dovetailing them with scenes in which model cruisers and destroyers fight a furious but obvious duel in a studio tank. The actors, including Clive Brook and John Clements, are all so teddibly British in the face of grave danger that their calm becomes unconvincing" ; while Radio Times noted "a taut, realistic and emotionally involving British flag-waver, well directed by the highly regarded Pen Tennyson, tragically killed in 1941 before he could fulfil his potential."


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