WW1 Canadian Red Cross letter about soldier wounded near Vimy Ridge - 1917


Letter from Canadian Red Cross Society Society, Cockspur St London UK, dated October 31, 1917 regarding Pvt Colleret No. 417352 of 22nd Canadians, in King George's Hospital Stamford St London.

Red Cross has visited and he is about the same. Stamped signature Constance Scott. Inside of envelope with Red Cross emblem.

Letter addressed to Mrs. Pare, Grandby PQ Canada (his mother).

Main battle for Vimy Ridge was on April 9th-12th 1917. This soldier was wounded during the build-up to the main attack. The 22nd was attached to the 2nd Canadian Division.


Soldier is Edgar Collerette b. 31 Dec 1890. He was a grocer-clerk. Enlisted 10 June 1915, arrived in England on 28 October 1915 on SS Saxonia, sent to France September 1916. On April 3, 1917 wounded at Vimy Ridge by shrapnel on posterior side of neck, fractured vertebrae, left shoulder through left arm entering lateral side and going out by way of medial side. Paralysis from neck down. Blown up and bruised. Sent to No.2 Australian Hospital at Wimereux in 'dangerously ill' condition.

Full records at http://central.bac-lac.gc.ca/

The battalion was authorized on 7 November 1914 and embarked for Great Britain on 20 May 1915. It disembarked in France on 15 September 1915, where it fought as part of the 5th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Division in France and Flanders until the end of the war. The battalion was disbanded on 15 September 1920.

The 22nd Battalion recruited in Quebec and was mobilized at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas-Louis Tremblay, Officer Commanding, 22nd (French Canadian) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, June 1918

The 22nd Battalion was awarded the following battle honours:

Thiepval                        Ancre Heights            ARRAS, 1917, '18
Vimy, 1917                   Arleux Scarpe, 1917, '18
HILL 70                        Ypres 1917                   Passchendaele
AMIENS                       HINDENBURG LINE  Canal du Nord
Cambrai,                      1918 PURSUIT TO MONS   FRANCE AND FLANDERS, 1915-18