The Shoshonees Hand-Book 1869-70 (Almanac and medicinal advertising)

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Booklet used for promoting medicinal products: "The Great Shoshonee Remedy of the celebrated Indian, Dr. Lewis Josephus".

Printed by J.C. Chamberlain, Conway Ont.

Almost every second page is dedicated to the benefits of the Remedy:

  • how was it discovered
  • relation to our Lacteal Vessels
  • properties
  • Ladies
  • Shoshonee Pills
  • for Sea Sickness, Scrofula, Syphilis, Consumption, Liver Complaints,...
  • many testimonials


  • calendars for 1869 & 1870
  • Ready Reckoner
  • correct language of flowers
  • making of common dyes
  • food digestion
  • recipes for common cakes (Scotch, Jenny Lind, Crullers..)
  • recipes for puddings (Indian Meal, Cheap Lemon..)
  • recipes for Pies
  • interest tables
  • weights and measures
  • Post Office

32 pages + covers

Fine condition, some general staining of covers and internal pages. Pencil marks inside back cover. Paper itself in good condition.