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Texas 1874 Buffalo Soldier: two documents 2nd Lieut. US 24th Infantry Rgt.

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Nice set of documents related to a Buffalo soldier, based on the Texas border.

  1. Travel form signed 15th June 1874 by Jacob R. Pierce, 2nd Lieutenant 24th Receipt of payment for mileage. Travel from __ ___ Texas to Fort Brown Texas, total of 35 miles, with a payment at 10¢ a mile, for a total of $3.50. Received at Fort Brown Texas from paymaster Major Nichols.
  2. Pay form signed 30th June 1874 by Jacob R. Pierce, 2nd Lieutenant 24th Pay for the month of June at a rate 1/12th of his yearly salary of $1400, or $116. Received at Fort Brown Texas from paymaster Nichols.

Both documents folded: #1 has two horizontal folds, #2 two vertical folds.

#1 has some yellowing on the document.

#1: 10" x 8"

#2: 8-1/2" x 11"


Jacob R. Pierce:

  • Born in Kentucky
  • Appointed from Mississippi
  • Company D
  • 2nd Lieutenant 18th December 1871
  • 1st Lieutenant 28th June 1878
  • court martial 1885 (see below)


On March 11th 1885 at Fort Leavenworth Kansas before a convened court, with Major Bates of the 20th Infantry president, 1st Lieutenant Jacob R. Pierce was arraigned and charged with :

Charge #1: “Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman”

Charge #2: Making an causing to b presented false and fraudulent claims against the United States, in violation of the 60th Article of War”

Both charges related to him attempting to be double-paid his salary for November & December 1884

He was found guilty on both charges and effective March 1 1885 he ceased to be an officer of the Army.

Index of General Orders and Circulars Adjutant General’s Office 1885


The 24th Infantry Regiment (one of the Buffalo Soldier regiments) was organized on 1 November 1869 from the 38th and 41st (Colored) Infantry Regiments. All the enlisted soldiers were black, either veterans of the U.S. Colored Troops or freedmen. From its activation to 1898, the 24th Infantry served throughout the Western United States. Its missions included garrisoning frontier posts, battling American Indians, protecting roadways against bandits, and guarding the border between the United States and Mexico.