Stock Certificate Hoffman Oil and Refining Corporation 1917

Nice gushing oil rig imagery. Signed by the President Henry H. Hoffman.

Dated Nov 25, 1917, for 50 shares. Sold to James Burns.

Two vertical folds, small tears along folds.


Goose Creek produced many dry holes prior to a gusher in August 1916. The discovery well initially the well produced 8,000 barrels daily, a quantity indicating Goose Creek was a large oilfield, notes historian Priscilla Myers Benham. “The community changed overnight as men rushed to obtain leases, drill wells, and build derricks.” However, in October 1916, Hoffman withdrew from his interests in the Goose Creek and nearby Humble oilfields and organized two new companies. Hoffman Oil & Refining Corporation was formed to acquire and operate refineries.

In August of 1918, Hoffman Oil & Refining acquired Buffalo Oil & Refining with the understanding that Buffalo shareholders were to receive 10 shares of Hoffman stock for one of their shares. There were few benefits. Although Hoffman’s company once again held properties in the Goose Creek oilfield – as well as leases in the “Roaring Ranger” oilfield and the Burkburnett oilfield – the company’s fortunes continued to fade.  By July 1919, Hoffman Oil & Refining had lost its charter to do business in Texas.


Courtesy American Oil & Gas Historical Society