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RPPC postcard photo of H.M.T. Czar leaving Southampton UK July 1920

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Photo of soldiers at railings on troop ship Czar on July 6th 1920. Note on lower deck soldiers wearing bonnets (Scottish?).

Titled (in negative): “HMT CZAR LEAVING SOUTHAMPTION 6-7-20 No 24”  

On back '...VI EKA'. Possibly mark of for Vereinigte Fabriken photograph. Papiere AG from Dresden, a group of photo paper manufacturers from Dresden formed in 1874.

Dirty. Lower left corner crease. Paper rubbed down top border. Stain on back.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


SS Czar was an ocean liner for the Russian American Line before World War I. The ship was later known as Estonia for the Baltic American Line, Pułaski for the Gdynia America Line and as a British Ministry of War Transport troopship, and as Empire Penryn after World War II.

Throughout 1919 and into 1920, HMT Czar continued transporting Commonwealth troops under Cunard management. The troopship primarily sailed between British ports and Mediterranean ports such as Trieste, Malta, Alexandria, and Constantinople.One typical voyage from Alexandria returned 1,600 officers and men—who had been serving in Palestine, Syria, and Egypt—to Plymouth in January 1920. Czar also played a role in the North Russia Campaign of the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War when the liner departed Hull for North Russia on 28 August 1919.