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Proof engraving of Cuban cigar box label (Francesco Perez del Rio) @late 1800s

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Bouquet de Tabacos
Calle de las Figuras
No. 32


This is a proof engraving for the label that would be placed in the inside lid of cigar boxes. The proof is black and white, the final version would be colored.

I am also selling a proof engraving for cheques for this cigar maker, from the 1870s.

Paper has some bends LR corner, along bottom border.

32 X 22 cm / 12.5" X 8 5/8"


Del Rio was a proprietor of a famous brand of Havana cigars, who died in 1889. For several years prior to his death he was the oldest manufacturer of Havana and was the owner and proprietor of the La Legitimidad cigar factory. A migrant from Spain, he learned the trade working on a plantation in the famous Vuelta Abajo district. Over the years he became well know to importers and dealers of Havana cigars in the USA.

Twice in his life he accumulated a fortune, which was wholly or partially lost by reverses.

Mr. del Rio was a prince among men.

Tobacco: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for the Wholesale and ..., Volumes 7-8 edited by Charles A. Lilley