Photo UK R100 airship over Quebec City Bridge, Canada summer 1930

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Large photo of the British R100 airship on round-trip between England and Canada. Photo is of the airship over the Quebec City bridge. This Airship was only in use for one year.

Beautiful image!

Handwritten in pencil on back:

Le R-100 au Canada passant au dessus du grand pont de Quebec
Two stamps:
                 RUE SCRIBE – PARIS

Comes from the estate of a French collector who died in 1940s.

Tear UL corner, crease UL corner,

18 x 23.50 cm // 7 ⅛” x 9 1/4”

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


His Majesty's Airship R100 was a privately designed and built British rigid airship made as part of a two-ship competition to develop a commercial airship service for use on British Empire routes as part of the Imperial Airship Scheme...funded by the Government. R100 was built by the Airship Guarantee Company, a specially created subsidiary of the armaments firm Vickers-Armstrongs.

R100 first flew in December 1929. It made a series of trial flights and a successful return crossing of the Atlantic in July–August 1930, but following the crash of R101 in October 1930 the Imperial Airship Scheme was terminated and R100 was broken up for scrap.

…The R100 team replied that their airship was perfectly capable of flying to Canada, and that the Canadian flight was a part of their contract. R100 departed for Canada on 29 July 1930, reaching its mooring mast at the St-Hubert, Quebec Airport (outside Montreal) in 78 hours, having covered the great circle route of 3,300 mi (5,300 km) at an average ground speed of 42 mph (68 km/h). The airship stayed at Montreal for 12 days with over 100,000 people visiting the airship each day while it was moored there...

It also made a 24-hour passenger-carrying flight to Ottawa, Toronto, and Niagara Falls while in Canada. The airship departed on its return flight on 13 August, reaching Cardington (UK) after a 57½ hour flight.