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Photo Nokomis Saskatchewan farmers & machinery early 1910s


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Labelled: ”A.E. McLelland's Outfit  Nokomis Sask.”

Photo of men on mechanical farm machinery, horse drawn cart, wheat, beside nice vintage Ford Model T.

Mounted on cardboard. Cardboard is stained. Top of cardboard backing is lost, eating into colour border of mount, but photo itself is OK.

Photo only:  20.5 X 15 cm

Complete (max.size) : 30 X 22 cm


Town was named Nokomis in 1908

In the 1911 Census of Nokomis & District, Township 30 Ranges 22 & 23, there was:

Household-Name-Sex-Relation-Marital Status-Birthdate-Age-Birthplace-Immigration-Occupation-Location

McLelland A.E.            m       head          m       Aug. 1879     31      Ont                    farmer

McLelland Jas.             f        father          m       May 1837     74      Ont              

McLelland Rebecca     f        mother        s        Feb. 1854     27      Ont              

McLelland Jas.            m       brother       s        Dec. 1888     22      USA        1891   farm lab.

McLelland Stewart       m       brother       s        Jan. 1891     20      USA        1891   farm lab.

McLelland Elwood       m       brother       s        Oct. 1892     18      Man                    farm lab.

McLelland Melvin         m       brother       s        Oct. 1899     12      Man             

Sloan John A.              m       domestic    s        Oct. 1882     28      Scotland  1896  farm lab.