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New York scandal paper 'Evening Graphic' July 2, 1932, one of last issues.


– Sold Out


Weekend Edition, New York, Saturday July 2, 1932  Ten Cents.

Paper had three sections (32 pages) , this is only a partial 8 pages.


  • Society Aviatrix Aids Ace in 'Triangle Murder' Trial
  • Is Marriage Women's Racket?
  • What Beauties Win!
  • Graphic Junior Aviation Club
  • Let US all get Some Spunk (Independence Day editoroal)

Paper folded 5 days after this issue!!


The New York Evening Graphic (not to be confused with the earlier Daily Graphic) was a tabloid newspaper published from 1924 to 1932 by Bernarr "Bodylove" Macfadden. Exploitative and mendacious in its short life, the "pornoGraphic" defined tabloid journalism, launching the careers of Walter Winchell, Louis Sobol, and sportswriter-turned-television host Ed Sullivan.

The Graphic, which sported the motto "Nothing But the Truth", often exploited a montage technique known as the composograph to create "photographs" of events it could not obtain actual photos of, such as Rudolph Valentino's corpse, or Valentino's spirit being greeted in heaven by Enrico Caruso.

The Graphic was dubbed the "pornoGraphic" by critics of the time and Journalist Ben Yagoda in 1981 called the trashy, enormously popular daily, "one of the low points in the history of American journalism"...

As the Graphic began its final decline, Macfadden was also distracted by his risible and ultimately futile quest for the Republican presidential nomination. The Graphic finally folded on July 7, 1932, after years of losses, as much as $11,000,000, according to his wife and business partner, Mary Macfadden.