Gillett Products (Canada) Catalog of Premiums #31 @1930

Catalog listing items that can be had in exchange for customer collected coupons found in Magic Baking Powder and Gillett’s Lye containers.

Standard Brands owned Canadian company Gillett Products in Toronto.

No date, but Standard Brands bought the company in 1929.

Broad range of categories:

  • Rings and Jewelry
  • Pictures
  • Silverware
  • Kitchen articles
  • Art Needlework
  • Articles for Men
  • Articles for Boys

Some sample prices:

  • Men’s watch chain, gold filled – 125 coupons
  • Silver Plate bread or Cake plate – 250 coupons
  • Safety razor with strop and one blade – 60 coupons
  • Ice skates (without screws or rivets for fastening skates to shoes) – 150 coupons
  • “Choo-choo Flyer wagon" - 200 coupons

Nice illustrated colour covers.

Crease LR corner, covers small creases.

18 pages.

21.5 x 15 cm