France series of 5 postcards, story of girl cooking and magic c. 1906

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Cute set of 5 French photo postcards telling story of young girl adding ingredients to a pot on a stove…and magically her kitten pops out of pot when it's done.

By famed Parisian photographer Alphonse Liebert on Guilleminot Etoile paper.


  1. …Un peu de cuisine (a little bit of cooking)
  2. …150 grammes de beurre (150 grams of butter)
  3. …Un verre de Madère (a glass of Madiera)
  4. …Remuons lentement (slowly stir)
  5. …Oh! Surprise

LR corner:  Liebert (Star)  Paris

On back Papier Guilleminot and (Star) (Star) Serie no. 701.

Paper is curved.