Early French engraving of George Washington @1796

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Drawn by Francois Bonneville (deli.), after Du Simitiere /Wright. Engraved by Louis Charles Ruotte (sculp.) (1754-1806?).

Made during his lifetime!


                   G. Washington
          Né en Virginie annee 1733.
   Commendant en Chef des Armées
et Président du Congrès d’Amérique
Se trouve Rue du Théatre Francais
                         No. 4


                G. Washington
       Born in Virginia year 1733
    Commander in Chief Armies
and President of American Congress
To be found at Rue du Theatre Francais
                    No. 4


Printed in Paris.

Water stain left border. Age browning along top border and some spots along right border. Light crease LL corner. 

9 ¾“ x 6 ¾“    24,50 x 17 cm.


Version I:  As shown. Collection: New York Public Library.
Version II:
  As shown, but with address changed to "Paris rue St. Jacques No. 195."
Version III:
  As shown (Version II), but with "Congr
é Amériquain" changed to "Congrès d'Amerique."

Published in: Philippe Quénard, Portraits des Personages célèbres de la Révolution, vol. 1 (Paris 1796).

Notes: Hart 172 (p. 79) states that this engraving is based on Joseph Wright's Type A likeness (1790), while Wick (p. 31, fig. 46) says it is based on the likeness by Pierre Eugène Du Simitière (1779).