Commercial Traveller's Assn. of Canada member card 1918

Card for William English of Peterborough.

Cars has folds, small tears, bit staining.

8.5 x 15.5 cm


Grants special rights, priviledges, and discounts with Railways, Steamboats, Hotels,etc.. Also signed by owner of merchandise/goods carried by salesman.

The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) was established in 1874 as the Commercial Travellers Association(CTA). The association’s mission was stated as the “moral, intellectual, and financial improvement and advancement and welfare of its members.”

The founding members were business leaders including first president Warring Kennedy who went on to be the mayor of Toronto in the mid-1890s.

Travel benefits and insurance programs were the driving forces behind membership then as they are today. And the influence of the founding members attracted Prime Ministers and Cabinet members to the annual “networking” events, the Travellers’ Dinners and Banquets. As for travel benefits, commercial rates were extended by the railway hotels, members received 2 cents off per mile and free sample trunk privileges from the railways.