Catalog of Rembrandt Proofs and Aquarelles, studio of Knaffl and Bros (early 1900's)


Based in Knoxville Tenn. Printed in Hamilton Ohio. Undated.

Catalog is wrapped in nice embossed thick paper with 4-leaf clovers. Belle Epoque flavor to design.

Includes price list at back (with some hand corrections) as well as loose leaf with payment terms.

Inside has list of awards to the firm from National Photographic Association (1894-1904)

13 x 10 cm

Joseph Knaffl (1861 – 1938) was an American art and portrait photographer, active in Knoxville, Tennessee, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is best known for his 1899 portrait, "Knaffl Madonna," which has been reprinted thousands of times, and is still used for Hallmark Christmas cards. Knaffl was a partner in two Knoxville studios: Knaffl and Brother, formed in 1884, and Knaffl and Brakebill, formed in 1909.

Joseph Knaffl attended schools in Knoxville and Nashville. He learned photography working at the studio of his brother-in-law, early Knoxville portraitist T.M. Schleier. In 1884, he and his brother, Charles, formed their own studio, Knaffl and Brother. This studio, which eventually moved into a building on Gay Street, focused primarily on artistic photographs.

In 1909, Knaffl formed a portrait studio with one of his protégés, James Brakebill. He operated Knaffl and Brother until his death in 1938

Knaffl's best-known photograph, "Knaffl's Madonna" (originally entitled "Madonna and Child"), was exhibited at the Photographers' Association of America convention at Celoron, New York, and was the subject of a Brush and Pencil article written that year by sculptor Lorado Taft.

Knaffl's photographs were featured in magazines such as The Photographic Review, Photo-era Magazine, Photographic Times, Anthony's Photographic Bulletin, and Wilson's Photographic Magazine.Knaffl and Brother often placed first, second or third place in the Southern Division of contests held by the Photographers' Association of America, their primary competitors being fellow Knoxville photographer Frank McCrary (a partner of oil portraitist Lloyd Branson) and the New Orleans-based Moses and Son studio. In 1904, the Knaffl photograph, "The Prophets," won a gold medal at the St. Louis World's Fair.