Canada 1904 postcard First Nations on horse ‘Mode of Travel N.W.T.’

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Interesting postcard dated 1904 with photo of 2 First Nations people on horseback, wrapped in blankets. In background horse-drawn wagon and large tent.


G. A. Barrowclough Publisher , Winnipeg, Canada

Postmarked ‘ST. BONIFACE DEC 5 04 MAN’, 2 cent Edward VII stamp, mailed to France.


George Alfred Barrowclough (1870-1950)

…he emigrated to Canada in 1882 and came to Winnipeg. He established his own firm, Winnipeg Pictoral Post Cards, in 1904 and sold postcards of “choice views of Winnipeg and Suburbs, Canadian Buffaloes, Indians, Farm Scenes, Breaking, Plowing match, harvesting, and threshing, etc.; also scenes of Canadian Prairie Fire.” In total, it is estimated that he produced some 600-700 postcards during his residence at Winnipeg.


The modern provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta were created in 1905.  One year after the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created in 1905, the Parliament of Canada renamed the "North-West Territories" as the Northwest Territories, dropping all hyphenated forms of it.