Autographs of visiting Scottish Curling teams - Canada 1949


Banquet programme from Jan. 19, 1949 held in Schumacher Ontario with three autographs on front:

Sir James Denby Roberts (Capt. Strahallan Meath Moss)
William Dalglish (Sanquhar Upper Nithsdale)
Thomas Smillie (Kilmarnock Townend)


Humorous curling related menu items.

18 x 12.5 cm


James Denby Roberts was born on 3 June 1904.  He died on 10 July 1973 at age 69. He was also known as 2nd Baronet [U.K. Life Peer]. He was educated Rugby and Univ College Oxford. He was Justice of the Peace (J.P.) (Perthshire ) in 1942. He was Officer, Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) in 1959. Family resident in Strahallan Castle.