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Advertising for International Harvester Auto-Buggy, 1910s

$10.00 CAD

Advertising aimed at the transitional time when horses and autos competed.

Small sheet of paper, with blank printed payment receipt form on one side, and advertising (with picture) for International Auto Buggy on the other side.

Why you Should Own an International Auto Buggy…it’s a horse and conveyance in one…no trouble about harnessing and hitching up…no watering and feeding…any person who can drive a horse can operate it…"

Nice condition. Yellowing at bottom.

13.5 x 7.5 cm


The International Harvester Auto-Buggy is a 2-cylinder air-cooled motor car that was produced by International Harvester from approximately 1907-1916.

It utilized an opposed cylinder air cooled design that produced 18-20 horsepower, with the engine mounted underneath the car's body. The Auto Buggy had two forward gears and a single reverse gear, and utilized a chain drive system to transmit power to the large "high-wheel" artillery style wheels. Tires were made of solid rubber.