1934 German propaganda photograph Hitler at Bückeberg rally


     Sammelwerk Nr. 15

                              ADOLF HITLER

                         Bild Nr. 131 Gruppe 65

                             Bückeberg 1934


                         Compilation No. 15

                           ADOLF HITLER

                      Image No. 131 Group 65

                            Bückeberg 1934

 Hitler, flanked by the massed ranks of the Sturm Abteilung (SA), ascends the steps to the speaker's podium during the 1934 harvest festival celebration at Bückeburg.

One of a series of cigarette card photos.  Photo by Heinrich Hoffmann.

17 X 12 cm.

Note: The sale of this item in no way supports the actions or philosophies of the Axis powers. I am selling the historical record. 


Heinrich Hoffmann (1885 – 1957) was a German photographer, art dealer, art collector, and magazine publisher who was for many years Adolf Hitler's official photographer and a part of his intimate circle. Historian Alan Bullock succinctly described Hoffmann as an "earthy Bavarian with a weakness for drinking parties and hearty jokes" who "enjoyed the license of a court jester" with Hitler.