1932 German propaganda photograph Hitler with youth

                           Sammelwerk Nr. 15
                              ADOLF HITLER
                         Bild Nr. 165 Gruppe 66
Immer wieder sieht man den Führer auf Bildern von Kindern umgeben. Rechts Baldur von Schirach


                      Compilation No. 15
                           ADOLF HITLER
                      Image No. 165 Group 66
Time and again we see the Führer in pictures around children. On the right is Baldur von Schirach.

Undated, but references to it being taken in 1932.

One of a series of cigarette card photos.  Photo by Heinrich Hoffmann.

On front, age spots at bottom. On back, glue remnants on top side where mounted in album. Ages spots at bottom

12 X 17 cm - 4 ¾” x 6 ¾”

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo)


Note: The sale of this item in no way supports the actions or philosophies of the Axis powers. I am selling the historical record. 

Baldur Benedikt von Schirach (1907 –1974) was a Nazi politician who is best known for his role as the Nazi Party's national youth leader and head of the Hitler Youth from 1931 to 1940. He later served as Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter ("Reich Governor") of Vienna. After WWII, he was convicted of crimes against humanity in the Nuremberg trial. He was found guilty on 1 October 1946 of crimes against humanity for his role in the deportation of the Viennese Jews to certain death in German Nazi concentration camps located in Poland. He was sentenced and served 20 years as a prisoner in Spandau Prison, Berlin.

Heinrich Hoffmann (1885 – 1957) was a German photographer, art dealer, art collector, and magazine publisher who was for many years Adolf Hitler's official photographer and a part of his intimate circle. Historian Alan Bullock succinctly described Hoffmann as an "earthy Bavarian with a weakness for drinking parties and hearty jokes" who "enjoyed the license of a court jester" with Hitler.