1928 publicity pamphlet for CPR 'What to do at Lake Louise' (AB)

What to do at Lake Louise in the Canadian Pacific Rockies

Chateau Lake Louise a Canadian Pacific Hotel

"The Central Jewel of the Canadian Rockies is Lake Louise – a gleaming emerald in a setting of snow-covered majestic mountains, with a pale jade glacier, a million years old, at one end, the most charming of modern hotels at the other, and all around purple hills where pines and spruce tress keep the world away, and whisper peace."


History of Lake Louise, natural attractions, trail riding and mountain climbing, the Bungalow Camps, motoring in the region, Lake Windermere, Lake O’Hara, automobile tariffs, Pony Trip costs (e.g. To the Great Divide, Wapta Camp and return, 1 day - $4.00)...

Full of B&W photos of the region.

Centre pages are a map of the area, with the Bungalow Camps marked on it, and how they can be reached.

28 pages + covers.

Nice condition

16 x 10 cm.