@1916 WW1 RPPC photo entry of German ‘Panama Canal’ near Ypres 

Postcard photo of soldiers standing in trench, in front of underground entrance. 

Two sets of German text on back. First I cannot decode, except for a couple of words:

 " Dez. 16 Vor Ypern" (December 16 Before Ypres) 

Second set is:  "Beginn des Panama kanals in der vorderen stellung"  (Start of the Panama Canal in the front position).

Photo was part of a lot associated with the 163rd infantry regiment.

Nice condition. Slight area of yellow tinge LL.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale).


Carte postale avec photo tranchée allemande 'Canal Panama' vers Ypres 1916. Texte sur le dos: "Début du Canal Panama, position avant", et "décembre 16 vers Ypres".