1914 London (UK) L.C.C. Tramways Map & Guide to Car Services

October 1914

J. & R. Co. Ltd., Printers. London S.E.

Front panel has drawing of The Royal Academy Woolwich.

12-panel foldout, each panel 8 X 15 cm and has route #, fare, and schedule.

Full size (12 panel) colour system map on reverse of schedules and route #s:

 ‘London County Council Tramways and through running connections’

Some small pinholes on creases. Some yellowing along folds. Stain on cover.



The London County Council Tramways was an extensive network of public street tramways that was operated by the council throughout the County of London, UK, from 1899 to 1933, when they were taken over by the London Passenger Transport Board.

….By 1909 most of the tramways in the county had been taken over, with the LCC operating 113 miles (182 km) of tramways.

In 1900 a further act of parliament gave the council the power to electrify its system. On 15 May 1903 the first electrified section from Westminster to Tooting was opened by The Prince and Princess of Wales who rode the route in a specially decorated tramcar, and paid their fares with halfpenny coins minted for the occasion. The last horse tram ran on the 30 April 1915…