1913 order for canoes and paddles - Lefroy Ontario (Canada)

$12.00 CAD

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Request from buyer of two canoes to add two extra paddles, and asking for price.

Reply letter from famous Canoe and Boat builder, J.H. Ross Boat & Canoe Co. Ltd, Orillia Ontario.

  1. Lefroy May 2nd 1913  ...Mr. Ross  Dear Sir, Would you ship those 2 canoes & also 2 extra paddles & let me know as to what extra as I am just sending check for $52.00 & I will remit at once.... Signed C.H. Graham Lefroy
  2. May 6th 1913 Typed reply to above (carbon copy)..We have your letter of the 2nd. Inst. and are shipping the two canoes with the two extra paddles that is six paddles in all. The extra paddles will cost you $1.50 each. As you did not say where to ship the canes we are addressing them to you at Lefroy...The J.H. Ross Boat & Canoe Co. Limited

Lefroy is located near Lake Simcoe.

Two punch-holes in letter for filing.

Customer letter is 20 X 13 cm and reply is 26.5 X 21 cm.


Four names dominate the boat manufacturing scene in Orillia in the century from the 1870s to 1964. They are Ross, Dean, Ditchburn and Hunter. 

Southeast of this to the foot of Elgin Street is where Orillia's boat building industry sprang up. J. H. Ross Canoe and Boat Company was "first to begin selling craft on the waterfront" in 1870.

"Ross built fine sailboats that won races throughout Ontario", Richmond quotes Hunter as saying. "... and what was likely one of the first motorboats on Lake Couchiching." And Ross evidently until 1964. John Dean began with building canoes. He designed and produced "the famous Sunnyside racing canoe that was shipped all over the world."