1911 Bill of lading shipment of Brandy - France to Montreal (CPR)

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Canadian Pacific Railway Company – Atlantic Steamship Lines

Shipped by Lucien Foucauld & Co. of Cognac (France), on board the steamship Jarnac delivered to the port of Liverpool, bound for Montreal.

100 cases of 12 bottles of Cognac, 2300 kilos

To port of Montreal unto Misters Hudon & Orsali  (259 Rue St Paul)

Dated at Charente 27th June 1911.

 Back has French excise stamp.

Various handstamps: ‘VIA C.P.R. from Liverpool’, ‘ROCHE FRERES, Agents Tonnay Charente & La Rochelle Fallice’, ‘H & O M’.

Folded vertically and horizontally.

40 X 26 cm (W x H)


The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) began operating transatlantic steamships in 1903 between Halifax and the United Kingdom until 1915 when it spun off the steamship portion of its business (which included the Allan Line) into the Canadian Pacific Steamships Ocean Services Ltd.


Jarnac built 1890, 1922 sold to T. B. Scott & Co, Liverpool renamed Stottfield.  618 tons


Established in 1847 by Lucien Foucauld, the passion of Lucien Foucauld for cognac led him to create one of the most famous cognacs.

Jury Member of the International Exhibition of Le Havre in 1887, Lucien Foucauld was later member of committee Universal Exhibition Organization of Paris 1889 and 1900.