1907 photo postcard of school band, College d’Iberville Québec

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Scarce photo postcard of the Iberville College boys brass band. On the drum “FANFARE DU COLLEGE D’IBERVILLE'.

Printed in the margin: ‘They are our Favorites. Entertainers and Educator in their line! There are ”Budding Artistsamong the ’07 Band.

Iberville was a Catholic school run by the Marist Brothers.

Written in the margin “4/6/07 Souvenir Lucien”. Message on back in French from Lucien to his sister.

Squared circle cancellation ‘IBERVILLE -- JU 7 07’ on 1 cent  King Edward stamp. Mailed to Sherbrooke QC.

Same postmark  ink on front LL.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of thecard for sale)


Iberville was a city in the Montérégie region of the Canadian province of Quebec on the east side of the Richelieu River, across from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It was about 50 km from Montreal, and about the same distance from the United States border at the head of Lake Champlain



Chapter II - The Pioneering Period

In 1884 Reverend Father E. Gravel, Rector of the Cathedral of St. Hyacinthe, P.Q., Canada, visited the Marist superiors at St. Genis Laval, France, in order to interest them in the teaching apostolate in Canada. The superiors were impressed, but hesitated to open a new mission territory.

A short time later, Bishop Louis Z. Moresu, of the Diocese of St. Hyacinthe, invited the brothers to staff a school in Iberville and another at Sorel in his diocese. Canon St. Georges, Pastor of St. Athanase Parish and President of the Iberville School Commission also made a formal request for brothers for his parish school. Reverend Brother Stratonique, Assistant General for the Notre Dame de 1'Hermitage Province, in France, requested the General Council of the Institute to sponsor the mission territory of Canada. The Council granted his wish on condition that the Notre Dame de l'Hermitage Province supply the personnel and money needed. St. Athanase in Iberville then was selected as the first Marist school in Canada.