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1905 Pocket Memory Helper, Frost & Wood Ontario


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The Frost & Wood Company, Head Office and Works: Smith Falls Ontario.

Manufacturer of farm implements.

Booklet themed around milk.


  • Calendar for 1905
  • The Care of Milk
  • Aeration of Milk
  • 12 pairs of pages: left side has Monthly Statement form for milk delivery, opposite is blank page with image at top of a farm implement
  • Multiple pages for notes, again with mage of farm implements at top.
  • Salting Butter
  • Antidotes for poisons
  • Brief Business Laws

48 pages + covers.


The Frost & Wood Company was founded in Smiths Falls by Ebenezer Frost and Alexander Wood in 1839, and grew into one of the most successful and profitable businesses in Canada. During its 116 year history, farm machinery manufactured at the Frost & Wood plant could be found in farmer’s fields around the globe. When Frost & Wood closed its doors in the 1955, the factory that had held such a prominent place in the heart of Smiths Falls was later demolished.