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18th Century Danish map of Islands at the mouth of the Canton River (China)

No identifying text as to engraver or publisher. The style (compass rose) is similar to those by Nicolas Bellin found in Abbé Prévost's 'Histoire Général des Voyages', perhaps a Danish translation?

Titled in Danish in the cartouche:                      

                  over øerne

                I mundingen Af
                 Floden Canton
udkastet efter de sejlendes observa-
                   tioner af N.B.
               Ing. de la Marine

Franske og engelske Sø = miil


Map of the islands in the mouth of the the river Canton
        draft by the seamen's observations of
           N. B. Marine Engineer

French and English __ = mile

Folded in three, from book (?). Top right has 'No. 12', bottom right 'VIII D'

Some browning along border, couple of pinholes.

35.5 x 21 cm