1899 two letters with great Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. letterhead

Great letterhead with image of plant at Elm, Henry & Dunlap Sts and McMicken Ave. Cincinnati, and logo.

Sent to France in regards to a purchase of cases of Cognac.

      F. HOLLANDER & CO.
The Christian Moerlein Brewing Co.
New Orleans June 24, 1899
Messrs Buttulean & Co,
Please ship for our account to Alonso, Diaz and Co. Tampa Florida 50 fifty cases full quarts of (liter) Cognac Vieux. Enclose you copy of label to put on bottle, & ship goods direct to there via Havana Cuba & send invoice to us. Hope you will give this your immediate attention
Cognac like Nicolet

P.S. price is $2.60 a dozen 3 gallons to a case, as sent.

Second sheet gives descriptions of required labeling on bottles…”Cognac Vieux made in France”…

Folded into six for insertion into envelope. Small tear on one fold.

11” x 8 ¼”


Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. is a private beer company that began production in 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio, by German immigrant Christian Moerlein. Before closing its doors in 1919 as result of prohibition, Christian Moerlein was among the ten largest American breweries by volume.

Christian Moerlein was a Bavarian immigrant born in Truppach, Bavaria, in 1818. He traveled to America in 1841 after becoming an apprentice brewer and blacksmith. He settled in the neighborhood of Cincinnati Ohio known as Over-the-Rhine, a heavily populated neighborhood of mostly Germans and German-Americans. In 1853, Moerlein opened the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company.

In its first year of production, the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company produced 1,000 barrels of beer. Just over a decade later, 26,000 barrels were being produced annually. When production reached its peak, Christian Moerlein beer was being shipped to places as far as Europe and South America and was the only Cincinnati beer exported internationally. Moerlein died in 1897, but the company continued until Prohibition began.