1850 California Gold Rush Stock certificate 'Compagnie Francaise et Americaine de San Francisco'


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Issued in 1850, this is the first stock certificate with a vignette from the California gold rush to date.

Good for 5 shares of 5 francs each, cert. #61866, 67, 68, 69, 61870.  

Rare. Other similar ones found on Internet are only for single shares!

Three vignettes, top center, Neptune pouring water into a river with four miners working. Two vignettes at the sides include a group of miner tools: wheelbarrow, spade, two different shovels, pick, and rope. Two cartouches: “Exploitation of Mines and Rivers of California”  “Commercial Counter in San Francisco”.

Headquarters in Paris at 14 Rue de Bondy. 

Blue company stamp (Paris) UR.

Issued to bearer, signed in Paris on May 5th, 1850. Signatures of three company officers, two illegible, other is Raparlier (president).

Printer- Appert Fils et Vavasseur. 

Black border on thin white paper. 8 x 4".