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1824 Cruikshank print ‘OXFORD TRANSPORTS or Albanians…’

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‘OXFORD TRANSPORTS, or Albanians doing Penance for Past Offences’

‘Drawn and Engraved by R. Cruikshank‘.

‘Published March 1.1824. by Sherwood Jones & Co.’

Nice colours, hand-coloured.

Originally bound in book (The English Spy)’.

Fold UL corner, creases lower border. Smudges and some yellowing.

21 x 14 cm.


Drawn and engraved by Robert Cruikshank, published in 1824. The author of The English Spy claimed that the scene was ‘faithfully delineated; from the recollection of a rowdy wine part at St Alban Hall during the last years of Dr. Winstanley’s principalship, at which he and Cruikshank were guests. Members of the hall, known as the ‘Botany Bay’ of the University since men expelled from their colleges for disciplinary transgressions were received there, were not unduly inconvenienced by its relaxed regime.

Nineteenth-century Oxford edited by M. G. Brock, M. C. Curthoys


     Albanians doing penance for past offences. A Scene sketched
     from the Life. Horace Eglantine is proposing "the Study of
     the Fathers," a favourite College toast, while Tom Echo is
     enforcing Obedience to the President's proposition by finishing
     off a Shirker. Dick Gradus having been declared absent, is
     taking a cool nap with the Ice-pail in his arms and his head
     resting upon a Greek Lexicon: in the left hand corner may
     be seen a Scout bearing off a dead Man, (but not without hope
     of Resurrection). Bob Transit and Bernard Blackmantle
     occupy the situation on each side of Dick Gradus; in the
     right-hand corner, Horace's servant is drawing the last Cork
     from the parting bottle, which is to welcome in the peep o' day.
     Injustice to the present authorities it should be stated,
     that this is a Scene of other limes.—Vide A.