1794 customs clearance for ship going from Liverpool to Barbados

Nice customs document for a ship going from Liverpool to the plantations of Barbados. The vessel has 10 guns and 25 men and boys as crew. Slavery?? 

These are to certify all whom it doth concern, That Security is given to the chief Officers of His Majesty’s Customs in the Port of Liverpool respecting the Ship or Vessel called the Anne of Liverpool Burthen one hundred Sixty three Tons, whereof John Whittle is Master, mounted with ten Guns, navigated with twenty five Men, and Boys British Built, and bound for Barbados a British Plantation in America with several Goods, Wares or Mechandizes, with Condition…..That the above-mentioned Ship was registered at Liverpool the thirteenth Day of April 1791.
Given under our Hands and Seals of Office, at Liverpool the twenty third day of June in the thirty fourth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord GEORGE the Third….Year of our Lord, One thousand seven hundred and ninety four.
___      ___      ___
Entered in the Secretary’s Office at the Custom-House, London, the twenty fifth Day of June One thousand seven hundred and ninety four.
Certificat de soumission à la Douane de Liverpool du 26 juin 1794 (sans conséquence)
Certificate for a Ship that gives Bond in Great Britain to return to Great Britain only.
Interesting that there is also a few french lines stating has submitted to Customs.
Master's (Captain's) name on reverse.
Paper has been cut down at left. losing half of top seal. No text missing. Pin holes LL. Folded horizontally. Other creases. Some yellowing.
13-1/4 x 7-1/4"