'Israel's Bugle Call' Religious Music and verses Volumes 1 and 2 Dr. Rossvally (late 1800s)


'Israel's Bugle Call or the Hebrew Evangelist by Dr. M.L. Rossvally "The Converted Jew" Price 20cts'

'A Collection of Sacred Songs    For Religious Meetings and the Home Circle'


No. 1 and No. 2

14 songs in No.1, 13 in No.2. One song in No.1 has Hebrew verses. Both No.'s stapled together.

Rare. No mention of these in searches.

25.5 x 18 cm

The death of Max Louis Rossvaly, MD. ,at the age of 64, has closed the career of an enthusiastic convert from Judaism to Christianity. The story of his conversion is told in one of Horner's penny stories , entitled "Charlie Colson, the Drummer Boy". It was through Charlie Colson's Christian fortitude, after a wound sustained at the battle of Gettysburg during the American War, at which time Dr. Rossvally was a surgeon-major in the United States service, that his thoughts were first directed to the true Messiah. For ten years after that period hew fought against Christian convictions, but was ultimately converted. He was at once disinherited by his friends, his mother writing to him: 'You are no longer my son; we have buried you in effigy; we mourn you as one dead. And now may the God of Abraham, and Isaac, strike you blind, deaf, and dumb, and damn your soul forever.' From that time until his death he worked hard in his Master's cause. He carried on evangelistic work with much success before leaving America. After his arrival in England Dr. Rossvally wrote the story of the drummer boy, of which no fewer than 2,000,000 copies in seventeen different languages have already been circulated, three-fourths of which were gratuitously distributed by himself. Aided by Mr. Cory, J.P., of Cardiff, Dr. Rossvally opened a free Medical Mission in Leeds early last year, selecting the Jewish Quarter of the town for its location. To sufferers, both Jewish and Gentile, the mission was always free, and thousands have profited through the large-hearted philanthropy of the deceased gentleman. He attended Roscoe-place Wesleyan Chapel, and, often under much physical pain, his cheering words and ready purse helped forward the work of that and other places of worship. - The Christian

SOURCE: Jewish Missionary Intelligence - London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews Feb 1893


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