WW1 UK humorous hobo postcard –Saskatchewan 1916


Humorous hobo postcard.

‘WAR CARTOONS Series No. 5084’ Printed in England.
Bamforth & Co. Ltd. Publishers Holmfirth (England) and New York

Postmarked Rosetown Sask. Jan 4, 1916...'We are just starting to get it a little bit colder now & sleighing should be on soon..'. Written to North Bay Ontario.


Bamforth & Co Ltd is a publishing, film and illustration company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

In 1910 Bamforth & Co Ltd started making illustrated 'saucy' seaside postcards which, like his films, were exported worldwide for sale.

Although the Bamforth company was best known in the United Kingdom for producing a wide range of topographical and tourist postcards as well as 'saucy' seaside cards, what is less well known was their rich history of filmmaking. Drawing heavily on their work with magic lantern cinema, the company began making monochrome films in 1898. The popularity of these films, in particular those featuring a character named Winky, led to a film industry in West Yorkshire which for a time surpassed that of Hollywood in terms of productivity and originality. It is also believed the company invented film editing with the release in 1899 of The Kiss in the Tunnel.


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