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Two early postcards from North Bay Ontario and area

One 1935 photo postcard of the Dionne Quintuplets Hospital and one from 1909 of the Normal School.

#1 Photo postcard of the Dionne’s Hospital in Callander Ont.

Early Dionne Quints photo (they were born in May of 1934). 


No publisher or photographer name.

Friday Have just seen the “Quintuplets” on way back from Temagami. They are lovely babies. We are having a most wonderful trip. Have gone about 1200 miles so far. On way to Muskoka lakes now…

Postmarked ‘CALLANDER AU 2 35’ and mailed to Detroit Michigan.

Card is warped but not damaged.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


“…In order to keep the quintuplets safe from the promoters, the parents signed over custody of their girls to the Red Cross, who would manage the affairs of the sisters for a period of two years. Part of this involved the construction of a hospital across the road where the girls would live separate from their family. Although this agreement was to end after two years, the Ontario government feared further exploitation of the sisters if they were returned to their family. To combat this, Premier Mitchell Hepburn forced “The Dionne Act” through government and in 1935 they were officially made Wards of the Crown until they turned eighteen…”



#2 Postcard of the Normal School North Bay


Published by A. Jackman (Jackman’s Book Store of North Bay). Made in Germany. Card ‘A. G. 2894’.

North Bay, Oct 25. 1909….I suppose by the time this reaches you, you will have eaten your Thanksgiving turkey. I don’t know whether we will get any or not up here as it is 22 ct. a lb…Am getting along fine up here and like it much better that at first…

Postmarked ‘NORTH BAY OCT 24 09 ONT’ and mailed to Manitowaning Ontario (located on Manitoulin Island).

Bend LL corner.

The Normal School on First Ave., later known as the Teachers’ College. Provincially mandated, it opened in 1909 to train teachers for Northern and Northwestern Ontario. While initial enrollment was only 25, over 7,000 teachers graduated in the first 50 years.

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