Postcard steamer Sagamo  Muskoka Lakes (Canada) 1910



Scarce postcard, sent home by a American tourist.

Text: “This would be a great place for your father to come his boat, for the scenery is so grand; as well as enjoying the sail. You better tell your father to come here and buy an island”.


The SS Sagamo was designed by naval architect Arendt Engstrom of Cleveland, Ohio in 1905. The ship's steel hull was fabricated by the Canadian Ship Building Company in Toronto, Ontario and was assembled at the Gravenhurst, Ontario yard of the Muskoka Lakes Navigation and Hotel Company, the ship's owner and operator.

The Sagamo was designed with two full decks above the hull, and two additional partial decks above those. On the main deck was the galley and the dining room which seated 90 people, and the washrooms. The promenade deck above had forward and aft lounges. On the third deck was a smoking lounge. The ship could hold 800 passengers with luggage along with a crew of 26.

The ship was launched on 25 July 1906 in Gravenhurst and christened Sagamo or "big chief". ...she took her maiden voyage on 15 June 1907.

Sagamo began her cruising career with the 1907 season, her maiden voyage taking place on 15 June under Commodore George Bailey, her first Captain. That year the Grand Trunk Railway expanded their station at Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst to accommodate the greater volume of traffic transferring from their trains to the Navigation Company's steamers.

Flagship of the Navigation Company's line, Sagamo was the largest steamer on any of the minor lakes in Ontario. Her size restricted where she could go…Instead the Sagamo operated as the trunk carrier of the system, carrying traffic from the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst to Beaumaris, Port Carling, Windermere...


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