Patriotic postcard S.S. Turbinia (Canada) 1906

S.S. “Turbinia” Toronto to Hamilton

Cancelled 'Warren Ont. Nov 17 06', received postmark 'Turbine Ont Nov 18 06'.

Warwick Brothers & Rutter #3519.

Corner: creases, some colour missing.


...But there was a second Turbinia which took to the water in 1904. She was the fourth commercial ship after King Edward (1901) and Queen Alexandra (1902) on the Clyde and The Queen (1903) on the English Channel to be fitted with Parsons Turbines and she was destined for passenger service on Lake Ontario. In fact, Turbinia was the first commercial ship driven by steam turbines to cross the Atlantic...

...Turbinia, with official number 112201, was issued with a passenger certificate for 2,000 when sailing “coastal” ie close to the shore, and 1,500 for the Hamilton-Toronto route...


Warwick Brothers & Rutter, Ltd., a Toronto-based printing company, is known to have published in the vicinity of 7,500 picture postcards between 1903 and 1912. Warwick produced colour lithographed cards on its own presses in Canada rather than outsourcing that work to printers in Germany or England, as was then the prevailing practice among its Canadian competitors (and among postcard publishers in most other countries as well).

Warwick was the first Canadian firm to enter the field with Canadian-made coloured cards, leading the way in three-colour and four-colour printing processes and making available the highest class of color printing at a popular price.

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