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Muskoka Lakes 'fan' postcard with multiple photos c. 1910

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Patriotic postcard with multiple photos of the famed Muskoka Lakes cottage country of central Ontario.

With Best Wishes

Canadian Coat of Arms and maple leafs as part of border.

On back:

Fan View Card
Patent Applied For no. 6530.
Valentine’s Series


Issued by major postcard publisher Valentine & Sons.

Mechanical card. On the main photo there is a metal rivet. As you slide the rivet up, the second photo moves into the main frame opening, while at the top, a set of 5 small photos pop out, than can be fanned out to display.

At bottom when photos slide upwards, can see small string inside frame that holds apparatus together.

Not sure mechanism is working completely (?), the rivet does not go to top of the slot.

Main photo in frame is ‘Five o’clock in the morning, Lake Rousseau, Muskoka Lakes’, one below it as you move the main photo up is ‘Rousseau, Lake Rousseau, Muskoka Lakes’.

The 5 fan photos are

  • Prospect House, Port Sandfield, Muskoka Lakes, Canada. Lake Rousseau
  • Royal Muskoka Hotel, Guest on board Steamer “Medora”
  • A typical scene on Muskoka Lakes
  • Near Beaumaris, Lake Muskoka
  • Rapids, Musquosh River, Muskoka.

Tear at very top of card, through word ‘WITH’. Some smudging on back.



Valentine & Sons of Dundee were Scotland’s most successful commercial photographers. In the early 1900s, at the height of the postcard craze, they published cards showing scenes from a number of countries, including the U.K., Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United States of America. Remembered today primarily as postcard publishers, Valentine & Sons actually produced images in various formats, including fine early photographic prints.


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