Black Americana postcard ‘A. Horseless Carriage.’ c. 1908

Image of African-American boy sitting on the back of a large pig.

Scarce card!

Titled at bottom ‘A. Horseless Carriage.

Card appears to have been hand-colored.

On back ‘IPCC (logo) 5014. ILL. POST CARD CO., N.Y.

Made in Germany’.


Very light smudges front bottom.

I do not support the sentiments expressed on this card. I offer it as a testament of the culture of those times.


Illustrated Post Card  (1904-1914) 520 West 84th Street, New York, NY

This major publisher produced a wide variety of tinted halftone postcards in series that were printed by Emil Pinkau in Leipzig, Saxony. Each city or location of their color card sets were assigned the same number prefix. They also published an unnumbered series of chromolithographic fine art cards that were printed in Dresden. Many of their early cards do not have their name on them, only their distinct eagle logo.

Their best known cards are from a very large set that captured scenes throughout the City of New York. These cards tended to use brighter than average colors and were titled in a very distinct font. Similar cards, but with more subdued writing, appeared afterwards depicting scenes from the surrounding regions such as Long Island.

In 1909 they stopped importing cards from Germany and began printing their own. A large number of black & white cards were produced in a more open halftone with some being poorly hand colored. These black & white cards were numbered consecutively.

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