1912 Canada photo postcard Main St. Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan

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Nice view of dirt Main Street in Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan. In foreground, J.P. Beauchamp & Co. building, with large painted ‘CHRISTIE BISCUITS’ on its wall. Next door is building with sign ‘R.A. HARDY---' 


16/11/12  Hoping you will like this PPC will send another soon.  Your brother WRS

Mailed to “Miss Snyder Blackheath London S.E. England  Postmarked ‘--- NO 16 12 SASK’. Missing stamp.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)



The CPR arrived in 1882-83, and the post office was founded at what was originally called Troy on August 1, 1882. For a time Qu'Appelle appeared likely to be the administrative headquarters for the District of Assiniboia, which corresponded to the southern portion of the present day province of Saskatchewan.

When the Canadian Pacific Railway arrived in 1884 the new town was renamed Qu'Appelle Station in reference to the nearby Qu'Appelle Valley, which was the location of a long-established Hudson's Bay Company factory. The name "Qu'Appelle," a corruption of qui appelle, French for "Who calls?" refers to the once-popular legend of the Qu'Appelle Valley versified by E. Pauline Johnson:

In 1902 the name was changed to South Qu'Appelle and in 1911 the longstanding confusion as to the name "Qu'Appelle," which also referred to the former Hudson's Bay Company fort town in the Qu'Appelle Valley, to the northeast of Qu'Appelle, was resolved when the two communities agreed to deem the then-CPR station site as Qu'Appelle and the town in the valley as Fort Qu'Appelle.


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