1910 advertising postcard for Optician, downtown Guelph Ontario

Photo postcard of downtown Guelph, with printed name and indicated location of new office for A.D. Savage, Optician.

“Right at the Post Office, Corner Wyndham & Douglas St.”

On back, advertisement for Dr. Savage’s services:

In fitting out my new establishment, I have spared neither trouble nor expense, and here have OPTICAL PARLORS unexcelled in equipment in any part of the Dominion. The EYE is too delicate an organ to trifle with, and I shall be amply repaid for the outlay by the patronage of an intelligent public, who realize this fact…”

Back has 1¢ Edward VII stamp, and ‘GUELPH ONTARIO MAR28 1910‘ postmark. Mailed to Miss A. Wilson Box 245 Guelph.

Toning areas on front. Back yellowed. Crease UL corner on back.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)

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